Our ICU medical treatment room is equipped for all manners of medical procedures and patient care including
emergencies, dentistry, hospitalization and monitoring of sick or injured pets.
Preventative medicine starts with a comprehensive
"head to tail" physical examination at least once a year.  
Based on your pets' exam findings, age and lifestyle, we
may recommend specific screening tests, treatments or
vaccinations to protect against certain diseases or

We recommend only using those vaccinations that have
been shown to be safe and effective, are necessary to
prevent a disease that poses a realistic threat to your pet
or are required by state law.  Not all vaccines are
appropriate for every pet.  We review our vaccination
protocols continuously and use only those vaccines we
believe to be the safest and most effective available.    
We perform a variety of orthopedic and
soft tissue surgical procedures.

Our surgical suite is equipped with central
oxygen, a medical gas evacuation system,
surgical suction, electrocautery and
equipment for monitoring EKG, blood
pressure, respiration, SpO2 and
core-temperature during anesthetic
Ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive and non-painful
way to evaluate organs, diagnose certain conditions
and determine the stage of many disease
processes.  Ultrasound is particularly useful in
detecting fluid in body cavities and recognizing
changes in soft tissues and can aid in the collection
of diagnostic samples.  Ultrasound can also be
useful in determining the expected "due date" for
pregnant animals.  Ultrasound can usually be easily
performed on awake animals without sedation or
Radiographs (X-rays) are an important
diagnostic tool for evaluating internal organs,
orthopedic conditions and injuries due to
trauma.  Digital radiography allows for
enhanced analysis of skeletal and soft tissue
structures.  Contrast radiography can further
define and reveal subtle abnormalities that may
confirm a diagnosis.   The digital format also
allows for consultation with a board certified
radiologist with the click of a mouse.
Laboratory diagnostics include both in-house and outside labs.  We have an
in-house lab for blood chemistry analysis, complete blood counts, fecal examinations
and parasite screening.  We also perform microscopic evaluation of tissue samples
and fluid analysis.

Blood screening and laboratory tests can be a valuable part of a preventative
medicine program as well as an invaluable diagnostic aid in determining the cause
of illness in sick pets.

We recommend annual heart worm testing and parasite screening and strongly
encourage periodic blood health profiles for older pets.

For special testing we also will use a number of outside commercial labs.  
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