Our 40,000 gallon rain water collection
tank is capable of capturing over 7,000
gallons of water for each inch of rain
that falls. In an average San Antonio
year, that's over 200,000 gallons!  We
hope to use rain water for up to 85% of
our total water usage, conserving the
aquifer while keeping our little part of
Leon Springs beautiful.
Boerne Stage Veterinary Clinic
25239 Boerne Stage Road
San Antonio, TX. 78255

Phone: (210) 698-0400

Fax: (210) 698-0774
If you're thinking of adding a four legged member to the
family, please consider adopting.  Up to one half of all
the dogs in Texas are euthanized every year.  

If you would like help finding a pet that's a good fit for
your home, let us know what you are looking for and we
may be able to help find a good match!  Or you can visit
Love For Paws Rescue website to look at adoptable
pets in our area.
We Proudly support the efforts of the Leon Springs
Foundation in their efforts to develop a running,
walking and biking trail along the Leon Creek bed.  

To learn more about the plans and progress,
as well as how you can help either by making a
donation or volunteering, visit the
or join the
Facebook group

If you would like to make a donation to support this
effort, you can do so